"Yoga brings you into the present moment. The only place where life exists"


What is yoga for me?

Yoga is the journey as well as the destination. In Sanskrit the word literally means “union”, and signifies the coming together of all elements to reach our true, authentic nature.

It is an invitation to calm the agitation of the mind, to move beyond our physical bodies, through postures, meditation and pranayamas (the breath) and to unify all aspects of our “being” : physical, mental, spiritual and energetic.


Yoga has never been about attaining perfection – its teachings are based on detachment and spiritual one-ness, not the pursuit of any physical goal. Attachment to the material physical world is in itself considered a source of suffering – if we practice with the objective of attaining a result, we are bypassing the true gift of this practice.

Yoga is about truly being in the moment - a sound, calm body gives way to a sound, pure mind.


My personal practice flows and fluctuates depending on my needs, but is always expanding and evolving from a base built on the philosophical teachings of Yoga.


Ishvara pranidhana.


About Nina

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I turned to yoga 15 years ago, during my first pregnancy, and quickly discovered that beyond the obvious physical benefits, yoga gave me the space and the tools to connect to myself on a deeper level.

Yoga gradually became more of a priority and a daily necessity, and I sought to integrate it into my life in a more constant manner. As a means of reappropriating my physical body, but also as a way of tapping into that limitless space of self-discovery and plenitude that the practice provides. 

Far more than a series of postures or perfectly curated images, Yoga is first and foremost a journey inwards. There is no ‘perfect posture’, there is just what is right for you – in that specific moment. 

My love of yoga pushed me to delve deeper, to further my understanding and knowledge of the philosophy behind this ancient tradition, and I embarked on a life changing journey at the start of 2019. 

I was already a student of Maud Dreyer and enrolling on her 200HR YTT was an obvious choice. I loved her approach, how her classes always integrated and embodied the heart and true nature of Yoga. 
Completing my teacher training with her was an invaluably rich experience. 

My teacher training is certified by Yoga Alliance. 


Yoga Types

Hatha Yoga
In Bluffy on Tuesday, at Atelier du Corps on Friday & Monday

All yoga that is practiced through and with the body and postural sequences (asanas) is considered Hatha yoga. Hatha could be considered the most traditional « type » of yoga. It encompasses all the dimensions of our being : physical, energetic, mental and spiritual, and is practiced through the preparation of our physical bodies to reach a sense of calm and plenitude.

My classes are composed of postures (asanas) and breathing exercises (pranayamas), as well as relaxation and meditation techniques (dharana).


Accessible to all, adaptable to the needs of each individual.


Hatha Yoga II/III
at Studio du Paquier only on Fridays

In this slightly more advanced class, each person is encouraged to appropriate his or her practice, to develop a deeper conscience of their bodies, of their energy and the mind-body connection through exploration of different postures. We explore and play with slightly more advanced asanas that sometimes require more physical strength, and may devote more time to meditative practices.


Class Times & Locations

À Bluffy

19:00 - 20:15
Hatha Yoga

Cool-eur Fitness
371 Route du col de Bluffy 

74290 Bluffy

Pass sanitaire necessary

Studio Du Paquier

12:30 – 13:45
Hatha II / III

Studio du Paquier,
4 Rue du Paquier,
74000 Annecy

Please make sure to sign up before the class,
pass sanitaire necessary

L’Atelier du Corps

9:30 – 10:45

Hatha Yoga

12:30 – 13:30

Hatha Yoga

Studio du Paquier,
13 Avenue de la Mandallaz,
74000 Annecy

Please make sure to sign up before the class,
pass sanitaire necessary



Trial Class 

Single Class 

5 Classes Package



10 Classes Package


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